Friday, February 13, 2009

Idiot Growth, Urban Hell-Holes

Dear Leader has decreed, “Building sprawl stops now!”

This is part of the neo-Stalinist “Smart Growth” agenda, which aims to make us all live in high-rise, concrete hell-holes, packed in, one on top of the other in hyper-density “urban villages,” where it is so crowded that it is impossible to use an automobile and you must, instead, either walk everywhere or use public transportation, where you can only go where the government allows you to go, and only when they allow you to go there, if they provide you the service at all. In short, forcing everyone to live in inner-city ghettos.

They will justify it on things like the environment, but to them, grey concrete is the new green, tall buildings blocking the sun is the new open sky, the sound of your neighbor’s activities is the new bird song, and being a slave to public transportation is the new freedom of movement. They saw the hyper population denisty in Soylent Green and they thought they were seeing paradise.

This is EXACTLY what the neo-Stalinist left is doing to Arlington and other parts of Northern Virginia, which are increasingly coming under one-party dictatorial rule. They have allowed developers to cause an explosion of growth in some very small areas. Of course, all of this insane growth is making the cost of living actually more expensive, not more affordable. Many of Arlington’s roads have become a parking lot so that, while they are on the one hand demanding that the auto companies produce a 50-mpg fleet, their “green” transportation policies are resulting in people actually getting about 10 mpg in cars that were made to get 25-30 in the city, due to all the idling while stopped and stop-and-go traffic.

If I wanted to live in the damn city, I would have moved there in the first place, don’t ya think??? But I moved to Arlington precisely to have that small-town atomosphere combined with the nearness of the city if one chose to go there. Much of that small-town aspect is gone, replaced by the “let’s turn this into New York City” mindset of the leftists who have moved here from the North, who have the lockstep support of those who moved here from “south of the border.”

How about Leftist Sprawl Stops Now?? Can we try that?

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