Friday, October 14, 2016

The Evil of Clintonism Must be Stopped

While all this venom is being spewed and directed toward those who call themselves Republican or otherwise vote that way, what about the Democrats?

My dear Democratic friends, please do your country, your world, and your party a favor by driving as many wooden stakes as possible into Hillary's heart. You must be the ones to do it. With Republicans being forced to try to do it, voting for a guy few people really want, once again you are feeling the obligation to support her, thus endangering your own souls.

Hillary's idea of "change" is to turn back the clock. That's not change, that's only ensuring more of the same. More of the same duplicity, more of the same disingenuousness, more of the same viciousness. Please Dems, get rid of her now! Effect real change. End Clintonism Now!

I made this exact same plea, in these exact same words which I cut and pasted from comments originally made January 2, 2008, remembering what it was like 1992-2000. I still remember. Let's not take our country backwards to those nightmarish days.

That election season, I even voted for Obama in the primary in order to rid this world of the Clinton plague. Why?

On January 29, 2008, I wrote -- Hate and bile and indignation and anger and resentment for perceived wrongs are the number one characteristics of the Clintons lo these many years. And they are corrosive -- they corrode not only the intended targets, but the users as well. More and more we read in places like The Nation and Daily Kos and other left organizations that Dems have always known the Clintons to be malicious liars and demonizers, but that they looked the other way when the targets were Republicans, and now they no longer want to associate themselves with such Clinton slime.

Even if Hillary gets the nomination, no one will enthusiastically vote "for" her, and even if she wins, no one will authentically and sincerely cheer. Even Dems know that, if she is elected, they will feel nauseous at the prospect of four or more years of Clintonism.

As for me, the enemy of my enemy is (when appropriate) my friend. The greatest issues this country is facing are (1) the continued inhuman barbarity of legal abortion, (2) the threat to Western Civilization from radical Islam, and (3) the continuing corrosiveness and division resulting from Bill and Hillary Clinton's ascension to national prominence in 1991.

This is why I was so disgusted with the nomination of that unmitigated disaster John "Maverick" McCain.

Hillary has not improved with age. The Clintons are just as toxic as they have ever been. If you think that Hillary is preferable to the boorish, obnoxious Republican nominee, well you should realize that he is merely a fruit of Clintonism. Hillary is a primary architect of today's politics.

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