Thursday, October 16, 2008

We all saw this coming (except for the McCain sycophants who attacked us for not supporting him)

So back when I made my last post, I thought that perhaps things had turned around, that McCain would be smart enough to let his campaign be smart enough to let Sarah Palin be the driving force to victory.

But then the McCain folks, envious of her HUGE popularity overshadowing the tepid response people have to McCain, decided to over handle Palin and keep her in a box.

Meanwhile, McCain thought that that was the time to play his "winning card" by running 20 trillion commercials supporting human embryo killing stem cell research as being some kind of snake oil miracle cure for everything. Then he decided to make a big show of "suspending" his campaign to be the savior of the economy and instead merely made himself look like a doddering fool.

I knew it. I just knew it. We all knew it.

McCain throws a spectacular 80-yard pass with Palin to get to the 10-yard line, and instead of driving it in, he punted. I just knew that when Palin was picked, causing McCain to surge into the lead, that it was not too late for him to piss it all away.

I knew this - we knew this - because we know and have known that McCain is an ineffectual DISASTER. After attacking conservativism and conservatives for the last eight years, he has no clue about how to defend them and advance conservative principles. After attacking his real friends, whom he mistakes for his enemies, he has now been savaged by his real enemies, but because he has mistaken for his friends, he has no clue as to how to fight against them.

THIS is why we were so vehement in our opposition to him. Not because of sour grapes, not because "our guy lost," but because McCain is a walking disaster.

People express disappointment and anger at George W. Bush?? Well, Bush could have and would have been a lot more "conservative" if he did not have to placate and appease folks in Congress like John McCain these last eight years. Much of Bush's unpopularity can be laid at the feet of John McCain. If McCain had been supportive of Bush all this time, rather than obstructive and oppositional, Bush could have achieved many more positive things. And that is ANOTHER reason we went ape-sh*t when it because apparent that McCain would get the nomination.

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