Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Inevitable Happens

Now do you McCain folks see why we went ape-sh*t when he became the inevitable nominee?

Look, when you got one guy attacking and running against the Republicans, and you got the other guy who is a rabid, pro-abortion Marxist, the Republican ticket hasn’t got a chance.

That there was no one better who was running, for that, too, McCain should be held to answer. He spends the last seven years fragging his own party, giving the opposition cover for attacking conservatives and Republicans, including legitimizing Bush-hate, with the result of not gaining the respect of Dems and independents, and only sabotaging the Party, so is it any surprise that any possible up-and-coming stars out in the states were snuffed out in the crib and, thus, not in a position to run?

Time to settle all family business. The McCain camp, big-tent moderates, anti-Palin elites. Give them the Carlo Rizzi treatment. It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.

It is John McCain and his “maverickism” that blew a gaping hole in the Republican Party; it was McCain and his anti-Bushism that helped foster and feed totally irrational Bush-hate, thereby dragging down, not only Bush, but conservatives and the entire Party; it was McCain and the Gang of 14 and the rest of the “Republican” moderates that have decimated the Party.

It was this idea, for way, way, way too long of “let’s not do that,” that we must have a big tent and must support and elect a whole bunch of people on the Republican ballot who are antithetical to Republican and conservative principles, that left us with nary a single viable candidate for president this year. It was maverickism and big tentism that left us with a tent full of squishes and worms and slick used car salesmen.

This idea that McCain would be the Dems’ worst nightmare, because he is so loved by Dems and independents, pushed on us by elites and those who know better than anyone else (like the Maverick), was a blatently obviously falacious idea from the get-go because it was clear that they would all abandon him as quickly as they could. It was clear to all who had eyes to see that the most likely outcome was total ruin. And that is what McCain has brought us.

Well, if we have now crashed and burned, the wisest thing to do would be to rebuild the right way, to purify, and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

In case you all think that all my venom is directed toward McCain, his “moderate” friends, and the sh*t-for-brains elites, if folks are worried about what President Obama is going to do, let not your heart be troubled.

I’m sure that if Sean Hannity only keeps pounding away on Rev. Wright and William Ayers a couple more thousand times, the country will see Obama for who he really is.

If only we had run that play a few more times. After all, when it failed to work the first 17,342 times it was run, surely it would have worked the next time!

Looks like the laugh is on us, as we have been suffering under the total delusion that, in the fight against Communism, we won and the Commies lost. The truth is, more and more, it is apparent that we lost.

Let’s not forget, comrades, in true Communism, it is not the government that controls everything, rather, it is the Party that controls everything, especially the media. Is there any institution of American society that is not controlled by the Party? The media, the schools, the courts, the government, the entertainment industry, much of industry — all of these are controlled by the Party. Even some of our religious denominations have been infiltrated and controlled by Party members. Meanwhile, too many of the non-Party members have sold them the rope to hang us all.

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