Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Eternal War Against Israel

Dawn Eden reports on her blog, the Dawn Patrol:
While the United Nations cries out against Israel for defending itself—and takes no notice of Hamas' using its own citizens as human shields—residents of the Israeli town of Sderot, one mile from Gaza, have lived under Hamas rocket fire for eight years.
A guy named Dave asks why there are so few comments in response to this and related posts about attacks on Israel by Hamas, as well as verbal attacks by various bloggers, including "Catholic" bloggers.

Well, before there was the "blame America first" crowd, before there was "blame everything on Dead White European Males," before there was "hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go," before there was "blame everything on the Evil Misogynistic Patriarchy," before there was "blame everything on the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy," before there was Bush Derangement Syndrome, blaming every single solitary bad thing ever in the history of the world on George Bush -- before all these things -- there was blame everything on Israel, and before there was that, there was blame everything on those sneaky, dirty Jews. They are always to blame. They are always at fault.

The only time they are given vocal support is in order to (often falsely) accuse one of the other aforementioned groups of anti-Semitism (e.g. the slanders against Pope Pius XII). That is, only used as a tool in which to bash the others.

So, when Israelis and Jews are attacked and attacked and attacked, the only reaction they get is a yawn. When they defend themselves, or if they even try to peaceably live side-by-side in the same territory as the people who have sworn to exterminate them, and whose scriptures instruct them to fight and detest, as the dogs and apes that they are, then and only then does the world take notice, and then only to demand that they stop defending themselves or try to live peaceably together, and to further demand that they get the hell out of the region.

When other nations are attacked in war, and they defend themselves, counterattack, and consequently take over the territory of the enemy, they get to keep that territory, especially if needed in order to prevent the area from being used as a launching pad for later attacks. But Israel is unique in the world in that, not only were they denied international recognition as a nation for years, that is, denied the right to even exist, they are denied the right to keep lands seized from their enemies in war.

When other enemies start wars and attack peaceful countries, they forfeit the territories from which the attacks began, and they subject themselves to legitimate occupation for as long as the victorious country chooses. But when "Palestine" starts war after war (or, more precisely, continues to engage in the same war, interrupted every now and then with dishonest and false cease-fires, the sole purpose of which is to prevent the ultimate losing of the war and to give time to re-arm), it is to be given support, and given back the lands that it occupied for a short period of time, but were never part of some nonexistent country of Palestine.

Meanwhile, we are assured that the root cause of rockets and car bombs and kidnappings and restaurant bombs and masked gunmen dressed as civilians shooting innocent Israelis and Palestinians alike, is not because the terror groups and their many supporters in Palestinian areas have chosen to engage in criminal terroristic behavior, but rather, it is because of the Jews. It is the fault of the Jews. And when I say the Jews, I mean, the Jews, not the Israelis. Because if Israel were not a Jewish state, if it were Muslim or even secular, it would not be the one to blame. (If it were a Christian nation, then we would be back to "blame everything on Western Civilization" and Palestinian terror would, again, not be the fault of Palestinian terrorists.)

When thugs in Europe and America take to the street, again dressed in masks, and start burning things, damaging synagogues, damaging Jewish businesses, assaulting Jewish bystanders and observers, while shouting things like "go back to the ovens," and while German modern-day stormtroopers come busting into Jewish homes to forcibly remove Israelis flags, like some cross between neo-Nazis and good little dhimmis, despite all these things being aimed at Jews generally, not Israelis, we are told that, "no, opposition to Israeli military action is not anti-Semitism, but merely anti-Israeli aggression" and "anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism" (even though, as said above, they remained silent in the face of Palestinian and Arab and Muslim terroristic aggression).

No one says anything, Dave, because it would be superfluous. "Hey, did you notice that the sun rose in the east today?" It's rather pointless, don't you think? Likewise, it is pointless to say much here because EVERYONE knows that those poor innocent Palestinians and radical Islamists are NEVER to blame for anything. That the Israelis, Jews that they are, are ALWAYS at fault because of the very fact that they are present in that area (or in any area), and because they refuse to recognize that this should be a Jew-free zone (world). And when it is not the fault of the Israelis, it is America and George Bush's fault.

America and George Bush are to blame for 9-11, not Islamic terrorists. Western Civilization is to blame. To be sure, it is the fault of the Christians that, 1300 years ago, the armies of Mohammed's followers attacked and conquered Christian lands across the Middle East, Northern Africa, Eurasia, and halfway into Europe, before being stopped. It's the fault of those evil crusaders, and those evil Christians who only want to subject us all to the "tortures of the Inquisition." And the fact that many of the followers of Mohammed today want to take us back to the 7th Century is, again, not their fault, but ours.

We are silent, Dave, because we hate the good and embrace the evil, calling the good "bad" and the bad "good," and because we have decided on the option of civilizational suicide. Everything about traditional Western society is bad, hence the need to tear down every existing institution and reengineer mankind, including remaining silent on anti-Jew and anti-Israel attacks, and remaining silent on many anti-American attacks. They are bad. They must go. And any defense of them must be opposed.

Everyone knows this, so why waste our time talking and writing about it?

For those who blame Israel, rather than Palestinian and Islamist terrorists, for the ongoing conflict, we might ask who is to blame for the PLO and Islamist terrorists starting, in 1975, the civil war in Lebanon, which once had large Christian population? Or why the PLO was kicked out of many Arab countries?

The sad fact is that many Palestinians are not at all interested in having their own independent nation. That is not their priority. So to say that all Israel needs to do is allow Palestinian nationhood is fooling oneself. So long as Israel exists, and Jews are living in the Middle East, these people are interested in only one thing -- killing Jews. Even to the extent of glorifying suicide bombing in children's books.

Now, to be sure, there are some Palestinians who want peace. They are tired of the fighting and are willing to live side-by-side with Jewish Israelis. But there are not enough of them. Perhaps they are even a majority. But there are not enough of them. And they are too silent and too inactive in opposing the high numbers of Palestinians who care little about peace with Israelis and Jews.

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