Monday, January 19, 2009

Important Questions About the Holiday Season!

I'm hoping that you all can help me out with something. I know that everyone does it a little differently, and some like to celebrate for about 12 days and some even all year round, but for most the holiday season does eventually come to an end (at least until next year), and I'm not really sure exactly when that should be.

So, let me ask you --

When is the most appropriate time for taking down our Obama lights?

How long should we leave up the Inauguration Scene?

Do we really have to stop singing Obama carols after tomorrow, or can we sing them for a while longer?

I know that times are tight, but it is the season for giving, so should we really set a limit on how much we can spend for Obama presents?

Now, I already have a quite beautiful image of Obama (aren't they all?), but can someone tell me where I can get an incense burner to go with it?

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