Friday, July 11, 2008

The Character of John McCain

When did I begin to have such antipathy toward McCain?

It started back in early 2000. Actually, during that election season, I was open to supporting him and backing him for president. That's because I did not know that much about him except for his claim to be a conservative and his POW experience. But as I watched his conduct and remarks in the 2000 campaign, including listening live to his melt-down with on the Michael Reagan radio show, I began to oppose and then dislike the man. His opposition to overturning Roe played a big part. His paranoid-schizophrenic behavior played a part.

Also playing a part was learning, back in 2000, about how he dumped his faithful first wife -- the heroic first wife who remained faithful and diligently worked for his return when he was a prisoner of war. In return for first wife Carol's steadfast love and fidelity, John McCain gave her repeated adulteries and infidelities, before finally dumping her overboard into the ocean like refuse in favor of a newer, younger, prettier babe. (And if you read the Newsweek article on second wife Cindy, you will see that McCain has often treated her with abandonment and distain as well.)

This much I already knew about John McCain, and such dishonorable and contemptable behavior is enough to disqualify him to any authentic defender of marriage and family values. Now, the Los Angeles Times has picked up the story.

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