Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Would Jesus Do?

So Barack Obama goes to the Western Wall and puts a written prayer in one of the cracks. Someone later comes by, retrieves the prayer, and gives it to the media for publication. A few folks were outraged by this apparent invasion of privacy. But there are indications and suspicions that the Obama people themselves were responsible for the prayer being given to the press. Indeed, there are reports that a copy of the prayer was directly and openly given to the press by the campaign. So, now, there is outrage at the politization of prayer.

What is worse in my estimation, far worse, is the Obama camp’s use of campaign posters and banners at the Western Wall, which is not merely some prayer spot, but is part of the wall of the Temple Mount, which until the Incarnation of Jesus was deemed to be the holiest place on earth.

Such defamation of the grounds surrounding what used to be the Temple used to be pretty serious business. I seem to recall Jesus Himself getting rather ticked off about it.

So if the Obama camp could desecrate holy ground with their campaign rally signs, I’m sure that they could use a prayer to God as a political ploy. Sacrilege and blasphemy go hand in hand.

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