Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If it is simply a matter of us against them, we lose.

Someone on another site recently wrote -- "Pro-lifers will win. I'm convinced of it."

That is wrong, wrong, wrong. Disasterously wrong.

Pro-lifers are NOT going to win. Present-day pro-choicers are going to win -- but they will win it for the pro-life side.

To get into this whole idea and talk of pro-lifers defeating pro-choicers/pro-aborts is a guaranteed losing strategy. Such talk implicitly adopts a static, set-in-concrete, us-against-them worldview.

The problem is that there are more of them than there are of us - even with us having babies. There are more of them, and they have more power and resources. As such, pro-lifers will never defeat the pro-choicers/pro-aborts.

The only way to win is, not to defeat them, but to convert them -- and there is a BIG difference between the two. The war will be won for the pro-life side only by present-day pro-choicers being converted over to our side, i.e. by becoming pro-life. The war will be won for the pro-life side only when present-day pro-choicers demand an end to abortion, etc. It is only when THEY demand it, not when we demand it, but only when present-day pro-choicers demand an end, will abortion, etc. stop.

And one day they will. But not when we continue to think of their views as forever set in stone (even the views of someone like Obama). But not when the strategy is not to convert them, but to beat them down and defeat them. That only strengthens their resolve and ensures our own defeat.

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