Thursday, June 26, 2008

Election Results 2008 -- We Lose

John McCain is, at best, anti-abortion, not pro-life. There are, indeed, some folks (mostly those who really don't care too much about social issues) who are anti-abortion, but for some vague, not-thought-out reason, not because they think that it involves the purposeful killing of an innocent human being.

If they thought that it involved the purposeful killing of an innocent human being, they would not support "exceptions" like rape and incest (like McCain) and they would not support ESCR (like McCain), but of which involve such killing.

It is true that McCain has cast votes on various abortion issues, but has he really ever said much more on life issues other than the "yea" or "nay" signifying his Senate vote on those issues? Can anyone point me to any significant, substantial speech McCain has given defending life, or demonstrating that he has a profound understanding? Anytime I hear him mention it, all I hear him say is to repeat that he has a record of voting against abotion. That's it! A pro-life advocate McCain is not.

Yes, he voted for Alito and Roberts, just as he voted for Ginsburg and Breyer. On top of that, when he was part of a Republican majority in the Senate a couple of years ago, John "Gang of 14" McCain did practically NOTHING to get good judges confirmed.

As for whom President McCain might nominate, does anyone think that he will be more hardline on the judiciary than was Reagan, who gave us two of the three who wrote the plurality opinion in Casey, upholding Roe (Kennedy and O'Connor). The fact is that McCain himself is the David Souter of 2008 -- plenty of conservatives, including pro-lifers, fooling themselves and trying to fool us by insisting that he is solidly pro-life when he clearly is not.

Getting an anti-Roe justice confirmed would take a nuclear war in the Senate even if uber-prolife Pope Benedict himself were elected president. You really think that John "loves to work with Dems" McCain is going to want to go to war against a Democratic Senate just to get a pro-life, anti-Roe justice confirmed? HA!

Make no mistake -- this is 1992 all over again. With Obama, we lose. With McCain, we lose. The pro-life cause was set back an entire generation the moment that McCain reached the tipping point, and when some very foolish nationally prominent Catholics and pro-lifers decided to cast their (and our) lot with him.

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