Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sailing on the U.S.S. John Titanic

In the comment box, someone asked what I think of John McCain.

First posted on February 13th, 2008 --

Wow! What great facilities they have here on the Titanic! What a great ship this is! Yep, this is the best ship ever — sure to beat every other ship ever built!

What an unmitigated DISASTER the pro-McCain people have brought down upon us. You think Hillary has been getting pounded these last few days, losing by 30 point margins, 21 states to 10? Just wait till Obama starts popping McCain upside the head, and dancing and weaving, like a young Mohammed Ali at his prime against an over-the-hill, past-his-prime old-timer who can barely get up off the stool.

The comparison of Obama’s roaring victory rally with 20,000 strong and enthusiastic people ready to march, with McCain’s monotone funeral wake at a hotel conference room with a couple dozen bystanders and a few moderate dinosaurs standing behind him, could not be starker. An inspiring leader McCain ain’t.

All those centrist voters that McCain is counting on — those that made him supposedly the “most electable” — are all going to run to catch the Obama love train. Meanwhile, the McCainiacs are doing their best to alienate the right, rather than reconciling. So, those left behind will have little to no excitement or enthusiasm for “their guy.” Anybody really want to give their time or money to this sinking ship?

It’s going to be ugly.

OK, so the "Obama love train" did start to run into some troubles in late March, but it appears to be picking up steam again. Meanwhile, the prediction of the Obama camp being able to jab and jab and jab at will, with McCain flailing around seems to be right on the mark. Jurassic McCain is going to get pummeled.

McCain is a DISASTER, a total and complete DISASTER.

We are doomed. Maybe if every conservative votes for him — maybe — he might squeak by with a bare majority or plurality in the general election. And maybe the votes will be in the right states in order to get the necessary electoral votes. Or maybe all those centrist voters will decide to be a part of history, and the conservative votes will all be for naught.

But let’s not fool ourselves. If you actively support McCain before the election, if you vote for him in November, then do so with your eyes wide open. Do not pretend, and do not demand that others pretend, that he is something that he is not. Do not adopt the Clintonian tactic of disingenuously dismissing every flaw as if it does not exist and defending those aspects of McCain that you know are indefensible. Vote for him with your eyes wide open, and know exactly what it is you are doing, and why.

Don’t cry “betrayal” if McCain is elected. Go ahead, if you must, and fight to prevent a President Obama. But vote for him with your eyes wide open. A scorpion is always a scorpion, and a tiger is always a tiger, even if we hope for them to be something else.


Rick Lugari said...

Don’t cry “betrayal” if McCain is elected. Go ahead, if you must, and fight to prevent a President Obama. But vote for him with your eyes wide open.

Indeed. The only reason to vote for McCain is that he won't be as bad as Obama. Even where, if left to his own devices, he might be as bad, at least he will have the party pressure to hold him in check. With Obama, his party structure will facilitate his misdoings.

Good to see you blogging. I'm going to blogline you after I post this.

Bender said...

Oh, I've been around here and there, causing trouble and getting hollered at by various blog masters and mistresses for being too provocative. And, of course, there is my other occasional blog endeavor, which is absolutely NOT suited for this type of commenting.