Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wow, you really don't like John McCain, do you?

Well, I suppose I have gotten a bit surly at the fact that ours is supposed to be a system of self-government and democracy, where everyone is allowed to have his or her say, and yet, by the time that I got to have my say, that is, to cast my vote in a primary, there was nothing left to vote for. The nomination had already been decided — and not by a majority of the party, but by a plurality in a handful of unrepresentative states, including a large number of persons not even in the party, much less conservative.

And, yeah, I guess I am a little, um, ticked off when I hear folks from the establishment arrogantly and presumptuously give assurances that conservatives like me will simply suck it up and fall in line come November because we have no choice but to do so, leading me to think such intemperate thoughts as, “oh yeah, well eat sh*t and bark at the moon.”

And I suppose I have reached my last “last straw” when I comprehend and realize that the war we have patiently, but steadfastly, waged for these last 35 years, a war that I have been personally invested in and an active participant, is finally lost, and it will be lost by our own hands. Of course, we are not really cutting our own throats, merely those of millions of innocents who will continue to be slain as a result of the so-called electoral choice that we have made. We will sacrifice them, once again, on the altar of politics.

Does anyone really, in their heart of hearts, truly believe that John McCain will nominate someone who is even potentially anti-Roe?

It is going to take A WAR to get a potential anti-Roe nominee confirmed. To be sure, it will be a nuclear war to get the job done. The pro-abortion crowd will do anything and everything to stop such a nominee — it will dwarf the savaging of Bork and Thomas. Does anyone really think that McCain is going to want to be commander in chief of that war? Does anyone really think that McCain would go all out, balls to the walls, and take no prisoners to get an anti-Roe justice confirmed? Does anyone really think that McCain is going to want to go head-to-head with his “good friends” in the Senate, and thereby risk alienating them on other issues? Deep down, what do folks really think that a President McCain would do?

It is a war that we have waged with patience and perseverance for many, many years. And just like the chair got pulled out from under us in 1992, when we thought that were we on the edge of victory, only to be dealt a near-fatal blow with Casey, once again, we will give up hard fought ground, and be set back yet another 20 years.

Yes, things such as these do tend to make one a bit annoyed.

But we have been assured that McCain is the only guy that can beat Obama, and Obama is surely worse than Hitler! Or at least worse than George W.

Not when his supporters consistently berate and insult those whom they are trying to get to ignore their consciences and vote for McCain for reasons of political expediency. So enough of this “shut-up and get in line” nonsense.

In fact, conservatives will vote John "Most Electable" McCain ONLY if polls show in the final days that the election is very close. If the Dem is down by 10 points, then conservatives will NOT vote for McCain because he won’t need their vote. If the Dem is up by 10 points, then conservatives will NOT vote for McCain because it wouldn’t matter anyway if they did.

Either way, whichever candidate wins, we lose. On the morning of November 5, 2008, whomever we end up electing, Democrat or Republican, at least half of this country is going to start missing George W. and they will rue the day that they ever had a negative word to say about him.

The morning after the election, we will look at the newspaper with dread, saying to ourselves, “my God, what have we done?” President Obama . . . President McCain — the very thought gives you a stomachache - both of these causes a fair amount of unease and distrust.

But it is the sad history of mankind that we turn on the good and decent in preference to the evil and mediocre. You reap what you sow.

Man, you need to relax and take a breather!

Don’t worry. We’ll take a breather. We’ll take a nice long breather. Many will come to realize that their involvement in the political process has really been little more than a life-long breather; they will withdraw completely from the political process, having become thoroughly disgusted, so folks won’t need to worry about them anymore. They will continue to work in the real world, in the world away from politics, but they have been burned way too many times (and by those they thought were their friends) to ever again trust politics.

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